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During tanker offload operations certain chemicals require fume scrubbing due to vapour release during the process.  Our Range of Fume Scrubber has been developed to absorb vapours during offload and especially those entrained in the 'pad air' towards offload completion and during daily temperature fluctuations, the tank will breathe in and out and can consequently release vapours.

Our range of Vent Fume Scrubbers are suitable for both pumped and blown discharge operations, with gas flow rates between 40 - 2,000 m3/hr.  Depending on your specific application and site effluent requirements, the scrubbers can either be once-through or re-circulation using water as the scrubbing medium.

Our range of scrubbers produce emission results which are below the requirement set out in EH40/2005 (second edition published 2011) Workplace Exposure Limits. This document contains a list of workplace exposure limits for use with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.  The EH40 Guidance for Short term exposure limits (STEL) relating to the fumes in consideration are :

  • Ammonia – 25 mg/m3
  • HCl – 8 mg/m3
  • HNO3- 2.6 mg/m3

All Silotank fume scrubbers are light and easy to install on site.  They are constructed from plastic materials which are corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free.  Each scrubber is supplied with a comprehensive installation, operation and maintenance manual.

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