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Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipe, also referred to as GRP Pipes or FRP Pipes(Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) are fabricated by combining resins with glass fibres that produces a very strong interwoven matrix once cured.

Different thermosetting resins can be used for fabrication of GRP pipes depending on the corrosion resistance or temperature resistance properties required. Different reinforcing fibres can also be used to create GRP pipes with unique qualities for electrical resistance/ph environment or should additional mechanical strength be required.

Listed below are a selection of Pipe & Ductwork products . Click on any of the products below for further information:

GRP/ Dual Laminate Ductwork

Silotank design, manufacture and install all types of plastic ductwork ranging from straight forward PVC-U/GRP, GRP to GRP reinforced PVDF for very high temperature chemical fumes.

Our concept service includes full airflow and system resistance calculations ensuring correct fan selections and full compliance with current HVCA specifications.

Our site installation teams are experts in thermoplastic welding to TWI standards, GRP reinforcement and compliance with special conditions in confined space working.

Our site services division will install and commission ductwork systems to large chemical works, water and sewage treatment works, plating plants, laboratories, steelworks and all corrosive atmospheres.


    • Over 30 years of excellence in design, manufacture, installation
      and maintenance for chemical & liquid storage solutions.

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