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Silotank have a long history as suppliers of Handling Systems and their turnkey plant is synonymous with high build quality with attention to detail with leads to solid customer satisfaction.

  • Handling Systems for Powders & Granules
  • Lime Handling System & Preparation System
  • Sodium Bicarbonate & Preparation System
  • Polypropylene & Polyethylene Granule Systems & Vacuum Conveying systems

Silotank utilise GRP silos and hoppers within the handling systems due to the excellent characteristics of the material over traditional metals and alloys.

Advantages of GRP over Metal and Alloys
The advantages of GRP over steel is that the silos shells are manufactured on a helical filament winding machine and is a one piece construction with a glass smooth internal surface which leads to excellent flow characteristics.

The GRP material has a very low thermal conductivity which means that the material does not sweat i.e there will be little or no condensation on the inside surface of the silo.

The materials of construction are chemical resistant to hydrated lime, sodium carbonate, GAC, cement powder so no internal chemical resistant coating are required as with steel silos.

The silo has a high strength to weight ratio due to the helical wound laminate. Our helical would laminates achieve 60% content which gives tremendous strength compared to steel.

Reduced civil requirements due lighter weight of silo.

The supporting steelwork ring is bonded into the shell laminate so it becomes and integral part of the structure so you are not relying on steel welding.

Silotank Materials Handling Equipment
Includes a full range of equipment varying from vacuum & screw conveyors to control valves, dust filters, silo safety systems, pad systems, bin activators and all can be automated control panel system. Silotank provide the full range of Materials Handling Equipment, design and drawing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of turnkey plant.


    • Over 30 years of excellence in design, manufacture, installation
      and maintenance for chemical & liquid storage solutions.

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