Bulk Silos and Hoppers

Storage Silos
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Silos are manufactured utilising helical filament winding technology up to 4500mm diameter and capacity up to 200 m3.

Silotank offer a range of silos with GMS steelwork support or integral GRP skirts.

The advantage of the manufacturing process is that it produces a one piece cylinder with a glass smooth internal finish offering excellent flow characteristics. Silos are manufactured for the storage of powders and granules such as;

  • Flour, cereals, sugar, salt
  • Calcium carbonate, hydrated lime, talc, granulated activated carbon

Each Silo can be fitted with a range of standard equipment

Outlet Flange sizes can range from 200mm to 1500mm with varying heights from ground level.

Stainless Steel or GMS manual slide valves.
Stainless Steel or Mild Steel fill lines.
Pressure Relief Valves.
GMS or GRP ladder and handrailing access systems.
Reverse Jet Filter.
Level Devices (high and low).
Load cell System.


    • Over 30 years of excellence in design, manufacture, installation
      and maintenance for chemical & liquid storage solutions.

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