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Dual containment of all chemicals is a key point for the health and safety of users of chemical storage tanks. The Silotank Minitank System consists of a tank and an integral bund which is structurally independent of the primary containment. They come complete with pipework and valve system to ensure the safe containment of a chemical. The demand for the system has been born out of the fact that drums and carboys are an inconvenient risky and expensive way to transport and store hazardous chemicals and will in any case be too heavy to comply with the current legislation on manual handling.

The Minitank system can be used for both internal and external storage with the option of a weather shroud available to keep the bund from filling with rain water.

Manufactured to the latest EN standards and Health & Safety documents our Minitank Systems allow users to take delivery of chemical by tanker or lorry mounted IBC with the minimum amount of danger in the safest possible way.

Mintanks are available in the following materials:

  • Polypropylene

  • HDPE

  • GRP

  • PP/GRP





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