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Tank Inspections

Silotank offers a full inspection and testing service for all types of thermoplastic, GRP and dual laminate composite tanks, scrubbers and other chemical process plant.

All our site engineers are from a tank manufacturing and inspection background with extensive experience.

We promote inspection and testing to our customers, this leads to a longer tank life thus maximising your capital investment and most important site and operator safety.

We support and promote the recommendations by the Health & Safety Executive which are detailed in HSE PM86 - Thermoplastic Tank Integrity Management and HSE PM75 - Glass Reinforced Plastics Vessels & Tanks - Advice to users. The Chemical Business Association also provide excellent recommendations through their publication Storage Tanks Manufactured prior to 2007.

Inspection and Testing is important as many failures can be attributed to number of reasons some of which are listed below:

  • Lack of maintenance and routine inspection
  • Incorrect initial specification leading to incorrect design
  • Customers changing the duty of the tank without consulting the manufacturer
  • Poor workmanship and incorrect installation
  • Physical damage to the tank

Please call us to discuss any concerns or requirements that you may have.

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