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The technical information below will allow you to determine the best material for your application, it is important to remember that all fibreglass grating is not equal. Differences in glass content, resin quality and manufacturing processes can create different levels of strength and corrosion resistance even with the same types of products. Our range of gratings are manufactured by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Process producing stronger gratings than the traditional moulded gratings available. The gratings are manufactured with a flat surface and their thickness is machine gauged, then finished with a protective gel-coat finishing. The surface is antiskid (R10 V10 level of the DIN norm).

  • Chemical Resistant Our range of gratings are corrosion resistant over a wide pH range both acidic and caustic. This corrosion resistance is achieved by the use of premium grade resins. Our grating will out-perform metallic grating many times over and its chemical inertia gives it an exceptionally long life.
  • Fire Resistant Our fibreglass grating has been tested in accordance with the ASTM-E-84 tunnel test method and has achieved a class 1 flame spread rating or less. Our entire range of gratings are fire resistant. For ultimate fire resistance ask about our phenolic grating.
  • Impact Resistant Fibreglass grating will allow repeated deflection without permanent deformation. Deflection will occur with the impact of a heavy object. However, once the object is removed, fibreglass grating will return to its original shape and position, unlike metallic grating, which will remain deformed eliminating the need for costly replacement gratings.
  • Anti Slip Grating manufactured with a flat surface and their thickness is machine gauged. At last they are given a protective gel-coat finishing.


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