Carbon Adsorbers

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Using Silotank’s air pollution control equipment solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) & malodours in liquid or gas phase can be absorbed onto activated carbon. The contaminants are removed from the gas or liquid stream by the process of physical adsorption. The removal efficiency of our air pollution control equipment depends on the type of carbon, gas flow rate and the inlet levels of contaminates.

The contaminated gas is passed through the carbon bed and due to the highly porous structure of granular carbon having a large surface area, high levels of contaminates are absorbed. When the carbon material becomes saturated with contaminants the material is removed and exchanged with fresh carbon material. Alternatively the exhausted carbon material can be regenerated with chemical in situ. This involves the carbon bed being flooded with a chemical reagent however the carbon bed will eventually become exhausted having to be replaced.

Where high gas flow rates are present the use of carbon absorbers would be very costly to operate. In these cases wet scrubbing or stripping would be used first with carbon absorbers being used to ‘polish’ the gas. Where wet scrubbing is used a first stage process the humidity levels of the gas are critical for the success of the carbon absorption process. The photograph show 3 No 4600mm diameter Acid/Alkali Scrubbers used prior to 2 No 3500mm diameter Carbon Absorbers.

Silotank supply single bed, dual bed and annular basket designs. Annular Basket Carbon Absorbers have been constructed to 4500mm diameter x 7500mm.


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